Eliza Moses, NC, is a Nutrition and Cleanse Consultant, Whole Foods Cooking Instructor, wife and mother.

Eliza’s passion for nutrition sparked at the age of 14 when she realized the profound effect her eating choices had on her body and the planet. After high-school, she began her study of health and nutrition and went on to receive formal training through Gabriel Cousens’ Live Food Masters Program, and through Bauman College of Nutrition.

As an adjunct to working as a nutrition and cleanse consultant, Eliza teaches cooking and food preparation classes that support people to learn how to cook and prepare foods the way she suggests they eat nutritionally. Her classes are known for being inspiring, fun & full of life-changing information. 

Eliza specializes in implementing individualized food, supplement and cleanse programs as well as offering public and private cooking classes. She works and resides in Ojai, CA with her husband and three boys.