Cleanse and Detox Programs
The goal is to determine the right cleanse and detoxification program that is just right for you at this time. I will support you through every step of the process and provide education on the how to’s and whys of the entire journey.
Nutrition Consultation
The goal of this program is to determine a long term maintenance diet that is balancing, supporting, fulfills all of your nutritional needs, and acts to prevent any future health issues.
Combination Packages
This fantastic program is designed using the three key synergistic elements of my work: nutrition, cleansing and food preparation. I will create a complete system you can implement immediately and follow with ease and support.

Cleanse and Detox Programs

Cleansing is an ancient and powerful maintenance practice used for resetting the body’s’ metabolism, shifting unhealthy patterns, providing the digestive system with a needed rest, and of course cleansing the blood, lymph fluids, organs, cells and body of any waste, toxins, chemicals, metals or pathogens that are creating dis-ease in the body.

Through a thorough assessment I will customize a complete and powerful cleanse, and guide you through every step of the way. With my support you will:

Do a short term pre-cleanse diet

Go through a full cleanse

Come off the cleanse with a short term post-cleanse diet

Ease into your maintenance diet

After your cleanse, you may experience:

  • increase in energy and vitality
  • improved digestion
  • improved health and wellness
  • clarity
  • better joint function
  • decrease in frequency of illness
  • glowing skin, hair and weight balance
  • A natural inclination to eat healthful foods
  • loss of cravings for junk, sugar and less-healthy foods

Doing a cleanse can be life-changing. I am here to support you in making the process, graceful and enlightening, and set the pathway for a life of health, ease and joy. To discuss this further, please contact me at:

Cost of cleanse program varies.

Assessing and addressing acute and chronic health issues by referred doctors or health practitioners is an adjunct to this program and will be a primary determinant to which direction we work.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your cleanse.