Cleanse and Detox Programs
The goal is to determine the right cleanse and detoxification program that is just right for you at this time. I will support you through every step of the process and provide education on the how to’s and whys of the entire journey.
Nutrition Consultation
The goal of this program is to determine a long term maintenance diet that is balancing, supporting, fulfills all of your nutritional needs, and acts to prevent any future health issues.
Combination Packages
This fantastic program is designed using the three key synergistic elements of my work: nutrition, cleansing and food preparation. I will create a complete system you can implement immediately and follow with ease and support.

Nutrition Consultation

As a nutrition consultant, I work with each client as a unique individual. Every body has different needs depending on a number of factors. Working together, we will create an easy to follow customized diet plan that will set you on a path of vibrant health, wellness and longevity.

Our first session comprises of an initial intake in which I will assess the following factors to determine your diet direction:

  • current diet
  • food patterns, imbalances and cravings
  • health history
  • constitution
  • metabolic type
  • blood type
  • activity level
  • lifestyle
  • stress level
  • goals in working with me


Once your diet direction is determined, we will set up a long-term maintenance diet that will support your overall constitution and lifestyle.  With this improvement in your diet you may experience:

  • an increase in your energy and vitality
  • improved overall wellness and quality of life
  • enhanced digestion
  • shift blood pH to a more alkaline state
  • improved mental clarity and better brain function
  • activation of natural detoxification
  • improved function and wellness of your cells
  • beneficial changes to your skin, weight and external appearance

In addition to setting up your individualized maintenance diet, we will discuss how to listen to your body’s needs and make changes through the course of the year as the seasons change and as your activity or lifestyle shift as it naturally will.  Goal setting and strategies for long term success will all be applied.

 Assessing and addressing health issues by a referred holistic MD or health practitioner is likely and a common adjunct to my program. If you are past due for your routine blood work, I recommend you make an appointment to get current.


Cost of initial 90 min session: $150

Hourly consultation rate: $75/hour

15-20 minute phone check-in $1/minute


To schedule a session, please contact me